Tyler Carpenter

As both a writer and artist, I want this page to show off the different projects I have been part of. I am an AWARD WINNING EDITORIAL CARTOONIST for Newspaper Illustration and have also worked on various comic projects.


Comic Books

Most Recent Works to Oldest

The Hardline (Writer, Artist, Letterer)

Issues 1-6

I am currently working on this book.

DEMONS (Writer, Colorist, Letterer)

Issues 1-14

Published by Insane Comics, Trevis Martinez and I created a 14-issue supernatural comic about detective Ace Carter as he delves into the supernatural.

Tales from Edge City (Artist and Letterer)

Issue 0

For my YouTube Channel, I asked writers to submit to me 2-page story ideas for my upcoming crime graphic novel. I picked 3 short stories from 3 writers and drew them all. 

Fly (Artist and Letterer)

4-pages in Anthology

This was a 4-page story for an anthology written by Todd Black.

ENTITY (Writer, Colorist, Letterer)

Issues 1-5

Working with Jo Wong, and currently with Insane Comics, ENTITY is a sci-fi graphic novel about Camille who believes she is the last human to live. She soon realizes however that everything she has known is a lie.

CLAWS (Colorist)

Issue 2 - present

Kelly Bender who currently writes for Ubisoft, asked me to be the colorist of his superhero series CLAWS. We had a tight deadline but I was able to make it. Published by Insane Comics.

Ayla (Letterer)

Issues 1-present

Another work with John Holland only this time I provided the lettering over Javi Lapara's artwork. Published by Insane Comics.

Life During Wartime/Final Days of Trump (Artist and Letterer)

Issues 2 and 3

Another project with John Holland. Each of these were parodies of possible futures if the Trump Administration went haywire. Very satirical and comedic.

Smells Like Pulp Comics (Artist)

Issues 2-present

I replaced the main artist after Issue #1 of Smells, and have been working with Todd Goodman since providing covers and interior art.

"Tyler Carpenter is one of the most professional artists I have worked with since I started Old World Comics 8 years ago.  He has wonderful communication skills, incredible insight in laying out panels for sequential art, and is also a great colorist, making him absolutely valuable to any project he is working on.  He is reliable to meet deadlines and very open to making changes and corrections.  He is a staple and mainstay in my company." - Todd Goodman

BOXIE (Artist and Letterer)

Issues 1 and 2

John Holland approached me to create a kids comic about a girl who finds a robot suit and is able to go in it. This is one of my favorite series to work on and always love the freedom John gives me. 

"Tyler is an amazing talent. He can do anything and he does it all well. Draw, color, letter, he's done it all for me and more than once he's helped me out in a deadline crunch. Tyler is great!" - John Holland

Untitled History of the Human Condition (Artist, Letterer)

Issues 1-5

This was an interesting project that was half comic book, half novel.

The Fifth Pentacle (Artist and Letterer)

Issues 1-7

This was my first comic book project that I was the artist on. The writer, Bobby Aultman, took a chance on a new artist, and although my work isn't the best on the project, it taught me the work ethic needed to be in the industry.

Singularity (Writer, Artist, Letterer)

Issues 1-4

This was my first ever graphic novel that I wrote and drew myself. This was one of the starting points of me wanting to do comics as a business rather than a hobby.


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